Hit the Ground Running Again with LIVFIT: Your Trusted Sports Physio in Mornington

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For people who love running, being sidelined by an injury can be devastating. That’s because injuries can disrupt your training schedule and significantly affect your quality of life. As a leading sports physio in Mornington, LivFit is committed to offering specialised care that addresses the root causes of your running injuries, ensuring a fast return to peak performance.

Common Running Injuries and Their Causes

Here are four issues that are common with runners.

  • Shin splints often result from overuse, inadequate footwear, or biomechanical imbalances. The condition manifests as painful inflammation along the inner edge of the shinbone.
  • Runner’s knee typically arises from muscle imbalances, improper footwear, or inadequate training techniques, leading to stress and misalignment in the knee joint.
  • Achilles tendinitis is commonly caused by overuse or overloading the tendon, for example, sudden increases in training intensity or training errors.
  • Plantar fasciitis often stems from increasing the intensity of running too quickly, as well as improper footwear and poor running techniques.

Running Better With LivFit

Wondering why LIVFIT is the go-to sports physio in Mornington for runners? Well, that’s because we offer personalised solutions to ensure you hit your stride again—safely and effectively, in three easy steps.

  1. Initial Consultation: You’re our top priority! Following a detailed assessment, our specialised sports physio identifies the root cause of your running injury.
  2. Customised Rehab Plans: Once we’ve identified the issue, we design a customised rehabilitation plan. This could include a range of treatments, from manual therapy to specially designed exercises.
  3. Cutting-Edge Technology: Trust us to use the latest techniques and cutting-edge technology, ensuring that you get the most effective treatment available.

Why LivFit Physio in Mornington is the Ultimate Choice for Runners

Aside from offering specialised treatment plans for runners, what sets LivFit Physio apart in Mornington is our holistic approach to treating your injuries. We aim to get you running again while also teaching you how to avoid future injuries. Call us today and make an appointment – let’s get you back on your feet the LivFit way!